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Grays - Golf - SBP Artificial Grass


Project Type

Residential - Golf Landscaping



Our customer was a keen golfer. They had a large garden and wanted utilise more space.

Our first task to remove all the existing area and prepare it for our dig. This meant that we had to remove all existing slabs and shrubs. Unfortunately, this garden would have been perfect to use a micro digger, however due to constraints on access into the property we had to stick with a hand dig.

Once the dig was completed to our desired level, we added in a rough covering of MOT Type 1. We then installed a Bullnose block border to really give this area a more defined outline. After that was completed we added the the granite dust and compacted it down after a hand screed.

As the customer wanted the challenge of a Golf area. The designed outcome was to install two styles of grass to similar the ‘Rough’ and ‘Green’ of a golf course as well as 3 holes to putt into.

The grass was then installed and of course we had a few practise shots.

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