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This machine has it all, it brushes and lifts up the pile, collects unwanted debris        

The ideal machine for making your life a lot easier when maintaining your Artificial Lawn, not only this time, but at any time of the year.

Give your Artificial Lawn that professionally brushed up appearance with this powerful 1600W machine along with it’s unique collection box.

The ideal tool for collecting leaves, pine needles, unwanted debris, along with lifting the pile of your Artificial Grass.

With it’s 10 metre cable and the single highly powered 1600W engine along with it’s adjustable rotating heavy duty nylon drum, not only does this machine lift the pile at an incredible rate, it also makes life a lot easier with it’s unique collection box for collecting up any debris deposited on your artificial lawn.

The perfect machine for maintaining your Artificial Grass, Fake Grass, Synthetic Grass & Astro Turf™ products.

For lawn maintenance/clearing debris, we suggest you go in the direction of the pile with the machine, for pile lifting, simply walk towards the direction of the pile pushing the machine against the pile, however, there is no right or wrong way to use the AGM 400, it’s a personal preference, either pushing or pulling.


1600 watt electric artificial grass power brush with collection Box 

Brushing System sends waste to Collection Bag

Recommended for artificial grass surfaces up to 300Sqm 


220V Electric Engine 

40L Bag

40Cm Working Width

10m Cable

Tool Free Foldable Handle 


10 Year Warranty

Terms & Conditions

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