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The Pebble 8 Seat Oval Dining Set is as opulent as it is simple, with a generously filled base and back cushion - finished with a quilted back which creates a real depth of style and personality. With easily stackable chairs, this set is a true space saver and easy to transport.


  • La Vita High Performance Fabric
  • Fabric made of Solution Dyed Acrylic
  • Cushion Filling - Quick Dry Foam
  • Frame - Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Table Glass - Spray Stone Tempered Glass
  • Leave outside all year round
  • Easy Stacking Dining Chairs


8x Pebble Stacking Chairs

1x Spray Stone Dining Table - Oval

Includes FREE Winter Cover


Pebble Stacking Chair - W62cm x D70cm x H85cm

Spray Stone Dining Table - L230cm x W107cm x H75cm

Seat Height - 50cm

Seat Depth - 48cm



Maze - Outdoor Fabric Pebble 8 Seat Oval Dining Set



    How do I clean my cushions?

    Any spill on your outdoor fabric can be cleaned immediately with soapy water, most spills will simply wipe off with just a cloth or tissue as the fabric is made to be highly resistant. Our outdoor fabric range is made to be left outside all year round, you may find after the winter months your set has become dirty and slightly mouldy from the changes in weather. You can simply clean your whole set using a high-pressure washer and then use our cleaning kit to bring your set back to life! We supply cleaning kits which we have made to suit cleaning your outdoor fabric set, please look for our “Maze - Outdoor Fabric Furniture - Cleaning & Protector Kit for Outdoor Fabric”

    I can’t get this stubborn stain out, what do I do?

      • For a tough stain clean immediately with a mixture of:
      • 150ml of bleach
      • 40ml of mild soap
      • 2 litres of water



    How to clean your aluminium frames

    During the winter months you will find your aluminium frames will collect dust and dirt if exposed outside or kept in storage. Our frames can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge, the frames will dry within an hour.



    How can I clean my tempered glass?

    Leaving any type of glass outside, you will find it gets dirty and dusty and a mildew can build up from the weather elements changing. You can easily clean the glass with a warm soapy cloth, then use another separate cloth which is damp to polish the finish and allow to dry. We supply cleaning kits which we have made to suit cleaning your outdoor glass tables, please look for our “Maze – Outdoor Garden Furniture –Glass Cleaner”



    To enjoy years of great performance from your fire pit, make sure you perform the following maintenance activities on a regular basis.

        • Keep exterior surfaces clean: (Wait until the fire pit is fully cooled before any cleaning)
        • Use warm soapy water for cleaning. Never use flammable or corrosive cleaning agents.
        • While cleaning your unit, be sure to keep the area around the burner dry
        • Do not submerge the control valve in water. If the gas control is submerged in water, do NOT use it, as it must be replaced.

    Visually inspect burners before use:

        • Make sure stones are dry before lighting
        • Gas odour with extreme yellow tipped flames
        • The Firepit not reaching the desired temperature
        • The Firepit making ‘popping’ noises
        • Keep the burner and air vents clear from obstructions.
        • Spiders and insects can nest in the burner or orifices, which can damage the firepit, clean burner holes with a pipe cleaner
        • Compressed air may help clear away smaller particles
        • All of our Fire pits come with 85cm hoses, always check your regulator is securely attached and not damaged
        • DO NOT leave the fire pit connected to the gas bottle when not in use
        • Always place lid or protective cover on heating element when not in use
        • We recommend that your glass surround is stored in a safe place when your table is not in use

    Please note: Wait until the fire pit is fully cooled before storing or covering your fire pit.

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